Friends Summit 2014 “Conversation Options”

Express Yourself Art Room in Portofino AB and The Summit Prayer Room in Palatine AB are open throughout day. Sign up for Spiritual Direction at the Barclay Press Book Store.

“Let's Talk About…” with Superintendents 3:00 THE INCUBATOR Rhodes
An open conversation with some of the leaders of Evangelical Friends about how God might be leading us into the future. These free flowing conversations will focus on Kingdom, Mission and Passion. You will have opportunity to ask questions, share insights, gain perspectives and dream about how we can more effectively live out Gods purposes for us all.


We Are Becoming a Cross-Cultural Church! David Byrne 3:00 THE INCUBATOR Athenia A
As we look at the future of God's work in North America it is obvious that it will be multicultural in one form or another and that it will be through cross-cultural efforts that the church will be effective in its transformational role. Let's think together about the attitudes and strategies that can allow God's Spirit to move among us to make disciples of all the distinct people groups in our own communities.


Christian Education – It’s important! Jodi Kinniburgh 3:00 THE INCUBATOR Andros
Christian education is a vital arm of the church, the people of God. This ministry is directed to all age groups and sectors of the church: babies in nursery, preschoolers, elementary students, middle schoolers, high schoolers, young adults, couples, families, middle-aged adults, single adults and seniors. This will be an open discussion to gain insight on what you think could be some of the newer expressions on the horizon of Christian Education and what it needs to look like. Jodi comes to Summit representing the EFC North America Education Commission to encourage you and gain insights from you as they envision the future of the church.


Wanna Be…A Ministry Intern? Randy Littlefield 3:00 THE INCUBATOR Syros
  1. Come find out where you fit in building God's Kingdom.
  2. How the Holy Spirit is prompting you to join a team.
  3. About Internship experiences
Persons interested in internships and engaging in ministry welcome! Leaders who might have connections to internship placements welcome!


Missionary Track*
How is Evangelical Friends Missions Likely to Change… Missionary Panel led by Dan Cammack 3:00 THE INCUBATOR Milos
…In the Next 5 to 10 Years?
Missions isn't always what we think it is, and missions has been changing quite a bit. Come hang out with some missionaries and talk about the direction missions seems to be going in our Evangelical Friends movement.


Storytelling as Ministry… Olivia Anderson 3:30 FISH BOWL Andros
…and how theatre serves as a vehicle for ‘speaking truth and power.” We will be ‘workshopping’ some vignettes from the play I wrote about Quaker peacemaking.


The Best Leaders Are… Jeff Bell 4:30 SEMINAR San Remo
We will take a deeper look at being a servant and how that helps us to become a leader that God can use to make a real difference in people's lives. We will also briefly talk about an opportunity to be part of a "summer of service . . . for a lifetime of ministry" by joining a summer missions team.


Empowering a New Generation of Home Missionaries: Krissy Buck 3:30 FISH BOWL Mykonos A
This fishbowl, for youth pastors and student leaders, will discuss the question: How can we equip and send students to be missionaries at home wherever they live, learn, and play?


Formation for Mission, how to become a Christ-like leader: Mike Clifford 3:30 FISH BOWL Mykonos B
How can we change and impact the communities around us the way that Jesus would. How do we think about being a leader and influencing our world toward a more intimate Kingdom life?


Creative Community: Chris Conway 3:30 FISH BOWL?Syros
Part of Christian leadership is the formation of meaningful community. The church has had a hard time identifying what that looks like for young adults, but you can be part of the solution.


Sensuality: doreen dodgen-magee 3:30 FISH BOWL Milos
In a culture dripping with sexual references and pulls how are you attending to your God given sensual self? Let's explore our five senses and how to attend to them in healthy and whole hearted ways.


Missionary Track*
Story Groups: Danielle Holstine 3:30 FISH BOWL Delphi A
Danielle works for Friends Church Yorba Linda and SEND Intl. She’s going to be starting Story Groups with Alan Amavisca next year for young people who are interested in exploring missions.


Missionary Track*
Called to Teach: Opportunities for Teaching Internationally: Shawn McConaughey 3:30 FISH BOWL Delphi B
From English to Math, there are great opportunities for teachers to minister abroad. Come explore the various avenues and where those exist among Friends.


Spiritual Resilience: Thomas Nixon 3:30 SEMINAR Rhodes
Jesus says His yoke is easy and His burden is light. If you don't feel that way in the Kingdom come and hear how a small shift in our paradigm can move us from just pushing through and thriving.


Friends and Urban Mission Initiatives: Joe Pfeiffer 3:30 SEMINAR Athenia A
We will briefly look at the story of Friends' relationship to ministry and mission in urban contexts. We will look at both the successes and challenges that Friends have faced engaging in ministry in urban environments. We will then consider both the opportunities and challenges of urban ministry, looking strategically to what the Friends heritage has to offer to faithful, incarnational, cross-culturally sensitive ministry in urban, multi-ethnic, and economically diverse contexts in the 21st century.


The Discernment Series
Business as Worship: Tom Stave 3:30 SEMINAR Athenia B
In this seminar we will try to see how prayer and truthfulness and sacrifice and danger are the heart of Quaker business. We will consider how the whole point of a Meeting for Worship and Business is to expose ourselves to the love of God and emerge transformed. The style will be interactive, and participation will be welcomed, and taking risks will be OK.


Friends Committee on National Legislation – The Quaker Lobby: Della Anderson 4:30 SEMINAR Mykonos A
Founded in 1943 by members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), FCNL's nonpartisan, multi-issue advocacy connects historic Quaker testimonies on peace, equality, simplicity, and truth with peace and social justice issues. FCNL fields the largest team of registered peace lobbyists in Washington, DC. Learn how you can be part of this conversation! What is your experience with Quakers attitudes towards government and politics? What is your sense of Quaker history of involvement with politics? Do young adults have the ability to influence the government in Washington? Is police militarism a problem in our society?


A Place to Stand and the Writings of Elton Trueblood: Paul Anderson and Connor Magee 4:30 FISH BOWL Andros
Elton Trueblood was called "the dean of American religious writing" a generation or two ago, and the most important of his 37 books is undoubtedly "A Place to Stand." Written as an apology for thoughtful evangelicalism, this book (first published in 1969 and reissued by HarperOne last August) was crafted as a sequel to "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis. As a challenge to atheism and agnosticism. As Archimedes said, "Give me a place to stand, and I can move the world." For believers, Jesus Christ is that place to stand.


Friends Peacemaking in Burundi: Charles Berahino 4:30 SEMINAR Delphi B
Burundian Friends have been salt and light through some very difficult periods in the history of Burundi. Charles will tell a little about the history of Burundi and Friends peacemaking initiatives, including the ministry of Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services (THARS).


Introduction to The Disciple Making Journey: Carrie Corliss and Randy Littlefield 4:30 SEMINAR Athenia B
In this Tribe of Friends seminar, you will be invited to count the cost of living a missionary life at home, you will be given practical strategies to begin engaging your home mission field in an incarnational way that if fun, and you will be challenged to take steps toward the people to whom God is sending you.


FaceTime: Doing Relationships in an Age of Digital Connection: doreen dodgen-magee 4:30 SEMINAR Milos
What is happening in the digital landscape is changing your brain, relationships, and sense of self. Find out how and what you might do to become more intentional about your tech use.


The Missionary Track*
Introducing Night Kap: Danielle Holstine 4:30 FISH BOWL Delphi A
An event offered by SEND International that is centered around coffee and conversation to allow 20-somethings an opportunity to discuss preparing for life abroad and living on a mission for Kingdom purpose. We will practice this conversation together! Night Kap events are low-key and highly relational.


Living the Spicy Life… Jamie Johnson 4:30 SEMINAR Syros
…Why Quaker Testimonies might be the way to make more Friends Have you ever wondered why we use the name Friend to describe our movement yet sometimes treat each other like enemies? In this workshop we'll explore the Quaker Testimonies as a way to build bridges between Quaker groups so we might better live into our title of Friends.


Coaching......Discover the Power! Charlene Littlefield 4:30 SEMINAR Mykonos B
Are you the "Go To" person when things need to get done? Do you want to be a better friend? Are you discipling new believers?
Do you want to help establish a ministry in your school or community?


The Discernment Series
The Work of Discernment, Learning to Listen: Shawn McConaughey 4:30 SEMINAR Rhodes
Since we believe that God speaks to us, how can we learn to hear better and better? How do we determine what we are called to? How might our faith community be involved in our discernment? Bring your questions and experiences.


Engaging Culture - Confrontation vs Transformation: Eric Muhr 4:30 SEMINAR Athenia A
Traditional Christian strategies for engaging culture often use the language of conflict. But that approach tends to push people farther away from the Church. There must be a better way.


The Decentered Leader: Kent Walkemeyer 4:30 SEMINAR Vicino Ballroom
Pastors and other leaders are God’s gifts to the Church; and strong, healthy leadership is essential. But leading in the Church is somewhat different from leading in other contexts. This workshop explores what pastoring and leadership looks like in the Church, and how the Friends Church has contributed to a unique perspective on Church leadership.


*The Missionary Track is open to everyone, but includes a special invitation to current and future career missionaries and those considering participation in short and long term missions.