Friends Summit 2014 “Conversation Options”

Express Yourself Art Room in Portofino AB and The Summit Prayer Room in Palatine AB are open throughout day. Sign up for Spiritual Direction at the Barclay Press Book Store.

Let's Talk About… Superintendent 3:00 THE INCUBATOR Rhodes
An open conversation with some of the leaders of Evangelical Friends about how God might be leading us into the future. These free flowing conversations will focus on Kingdom, Mission and Passion. You will have opportunity to ask questions, share insights, gain perspectives and dream about how we can more effectively live out Gods purposes for us all.


We Are Becoming a Cross-Cultural Church! David Byrne 3:00 THE INCUBATOR Athenia A
As we look at the future of God's work in North America it is obvious that it will be multicultural in one form or another and that it will be through cross-cultural efforts that the church will be effective in its transformational role. Let's think together about the attitudes and strategies that can allow God's Spirit to move among us to make disciples of all the distinct people groups in our own communities.


Discipleship - Does Christian Education play a role in it? Jodi Kinniburgh 3:00 THE INCUBATOR Andros
What can be accomplished through Christian Education and how can you be an important part of that process? There are things that you can do right now with a willing heart and a teachable spirit. Come share your ideas of what it would look like to step into leadership now. Jodi comes to Summit representing the EFC North America Education Commission to encourage you and gain insights from you as they envision the future of the church.


More Connections: Dan McCracken 3:00 THE INCUBATOR Milos
How do you connect with the Friends Church? Who are the people within your circle of connections who make you glad to be part of the Friends Church? What are your ideas of how young adult Friends can stay connected despite geography and varied ideologies?


Sport as Ministry: Bill Galipault 3:00 THE INCUBATOR Syros
Join us whether you went to my seminar on Sports Ministry on Monday or not and let’s think together in a conversation about how you or your church could begin or further develop your sports ministry strategy.


Four Faces in Lamentations: Navigating Images of Suffering: Mark Almquist 3:30 SEMINAR Delphi A
The book of Lamentations contains one of the most severe Laments in all of literature. I propose that the text can be read through the lense of the philosophy Emmanuel Levinas who suggests that responding to the "face of the other" is the significance of the human experience. Throughout Lamentations we can observe four distinct faces that have important theological implications. Furthermore, I suggest that these four faces can serve as tools to help contemporary communities of faith preserve the important, yet often ignored, expression of faith called lament.


Connecting with Evangelical Friends Around the World: Dan Cammack 3:30 SEMINAR Athenia A
Learn about Evangelical Friends in Asia, Africa, and Latin America and consider questions such as these: What do Friends from other continents have to teach me? What are their passions? And how can we work together to accomplish God's mission in the world?


Camp Life: Camp Leaders Panel 3:30 FISH BOWL Athenia B
Panel includes Mandy of Camp Tilikum in Oregon, Matt and Megan of Twin Rocks Camp in Oregon, Chip of Camp Quaker Heights in Iowa, and Nick of Quaker Meadow Camp in California For many folks, camp is a beginning stepping stone for a life adventure of ministry. Come swap your camp stories and find out what year round camp life is like.


The Missionary Track*
Whole-Life Discipleship, Part II of II: Molly Black and Brad & Chelsea Carpenter 3:30 FISH BOWL Mykonos A
How are you and how are we doing whole-life discipleship? What does whole-life discipleship look like?


Doubt: Chris Conway 3:30 FISH BOWL Milos
Don’t doubt Chris as he admits that doubt can be one of the most painful experiences of the Christian journey. And yet doubt has become almost an evitable part of faith during our college and young adult years. When we discover the root of the doubt in our lives, we can allow it to form us in ways that will strengthen our faith for the years to come.


Even Here Movement: Mingo Palacios 3:30 SEMINAR Syros
A bold charge to expand the walls of the church to any place it's welcomed.


Rooted Mobility - Learning to Live and Lead Amidst Controversy: Jamie Johnson 3:30 FISH BOWL Rhodes
In a world full of “us versus them,” how can we lead amidst controversy? Do we have to give in to things we don't believe? Do we have to be certain of our beliefs before we can lead? We'll have a conversation about how we might do this hard and important work.


Barclay College Info: Justin Kendall 3:30 FISH BOWL Mykonos B
This conversation is designed to inform attendees about Barclay College and the academic, social and spiritual life opportunities available. You will hear from current Faculty/Staff as well as alumni about the transforming role the faith community at Barclay College played in their educational experience. Come here about Barclay’s full tuition scholarship. There will be a time of Q&A.


Multiplication Epidurals: How to Make Disciples Without Pain: Jim La Shana 3:30 SEMINAR?Andros
Making a Difference in the World for Generations" – What does it take to reach the world for Christ? While many people have the passion to reach others, when it comes to actual behavior, most sit on the sidelines. So, how can someone get in the game without cost or pain? Is that even possible? How can a person effectively multiply disciples, groups and churches?


Why Christianity Won't Make it Without Us: Eric Muhr 3:30 SEMINAR San Remo
George Fox wrote in his Journal, "There is one, even Christ Jesus, that can speak to thy condition." It is a revolutionary claim that holds within it one possible answer to the continuing struggle over what is authority and how it should be exercised in the institutional church.


Love Letter to the World: Kathi Perry 3:30 FISH BOWL Delphi B
Paul says in 2 Corinthians 3 that we are a "letter from Christ... and the ink is the Spirit of the Living God" and this letter is to be "known and read by everyone." How do we live our lives as a love letter from Christ? How do we live out our calling, our faith, the love of Christ to the world- wherever we are? And, if this is fundamental to who we are, it is reflected in the life and ministry of our churches?


Call to Ministry: Paul Almquist 4:30 FISH BOWL Delphi A
As young Friends gather we can help each other discern and identify various ministry callings. For those considering vocational ministry which may require graduate level education, the Friends Center at George Fox University can be a valuable resource in discussing options for ministry preparation.


Who am I? Jeff Bell 4:30 SEMINAR Andros
No, you are not Jeff Bell. But Jeff will help you compare what the world says about who we are with what the Bible teaches us about who we are as a follower of Jesus. We will gain an understanding of what it means that we are a "new creation" and be challenged to live our lives in freedom and victory because of who we are in Christ.


The Missionary Track*
A Heart for the Nations: Molly Black and Brad & Chelsea Carpenter 4:30 SEMINAR Milos
God desires to bring His saving grace to people in every tribe and language and people and nation. We will look at this call together and discuss how we are doing at fulfilling God’s vision for the nations.


Tribe of Friends, Church Outside the Walls: Carrie Corliss 4:30 FISH BOWL Delphi B
What would it look like for young adults to lead a movement of new missional churches among Friends? What if you built a new movement!


The Discernment Series
Multiple Intelligences: doreen dodgen-magee 4:30 SEMINAR Syros
Knowing how you best take in, process, and give out information can make all the difference for how much you succeed in and enjoy life. Find your type and learn ways of enhancing it and balancing out your life.


Women in Ministry: Debbie Noble 4:30 SEMINAR Mykonos B
Special challenges women face in ministry and how to use your influence with passion to carry out your mission and advance His kingdom?


Soul Training: Mike Clifford 4:30 SEMINAR Athenia A
Discussing various soul training exercises and the role they play in growing closer in our relationship with God. Using concepts from the Apprentice Series, we will explore why and how we grow in our lives with God.


Peacemaking as Discipleship: Jon Huckins 4:30 SEMINAR Vicino Ballroom
The world is riddled with conflict, yet most of us aren’t equipped with practices that allow us to move to the center of it transformatively. What if conflict isn’t a problem to fix, but an opportunity for deepened relationship? Imagine a world where the Jesus Community was equipped to wage peace rather than war. In this workshop, we will develop a theology and tangible set of practices for peacemaking that mobilize the Church as an instrument of peace in the world.


Why Plant New Churches, When They Are Already ‘on every corner?’ Randy Littlefield 4:30 SEMINAR Athenia B
Perhaps you have heard someone ask that question. The simple truth is that the most effective way to reach those who don’t go to church is through church planting, and many existing churches are not making new disciples and expanding the Kingdom. Let’s change that!


Summit Prayer Network: Noah Dewitt and Chuck Mylander 4:30 FISH BOWL Palatine Prayer Room
We pray to a prayer-answering God. Jesus promised amazing answers when we pray His way. (John 15:7)
What if we could build a lifestyle of prayer? What if we could build a culture of prayer? What if we could ultimately change the world?


Burundi, Africa Friends! Domitien Sabongerwa 4:30 SEMINAR San Remo
Burundi Friends, which started in 1934 and is a beautiful part of our history in Missions, is now the largest Evangelical Friends Church group in the world at around 50,000 persons in Sunday worship services. Come hear Domitien share some of what the church is doing, particularly in their vision for church planting and missions sending. Questions welcome as we learn from our Burundian Friends in ways that could change our church’s life in the USA.


War and Peace - A Christian Conversation: Kent Walkemeyer 4:30 SEMINAR Rhodes
Christians have not found agreement on their views of war, and they often do not communicate well when they disagree. This workshop will help you understand the two primary Christian views of war, including the historic Friends view, and help us all move forward constructively.


The Discernment Series
What’s Next For Me? Leo Wilson 4:30 SEMINAR Mykonos A
Where should I go from here, and what does the Bible say about our the next step in our lives?"


*The Missionary Track is open to everyone, but includes a special invitation to current and future career missionaries and those considering participation in short and long term missions.