Friends Summit 2014 “Conversation Options”


Express Yourself Art Room in Portofino AB and The Summit Prayer Room in Palatine AB are open throughout day. Sign up for Spiritual Direction at the Barclay Press Book Store.

Let's Talk About… Superintendent 3:00 THE INCUBATOR Rhodes
An open conversation with some of the leaders of Evangelical Friends about how God might be leading us into the future. These free flowing conversations will focus on Kingdom, Mission and Passion. You will have opportunity to ask questions, share insights, gain perspectives and dream about how we can more effectively live out Gods purposes for us all.


The Amazing Ministry of Friends Women! Michelle Carpenter 3:00 THE INCUBATOR Syros
Female young adults…let’s talk about the function of Friends Women and how it might look for future decades in the church! How shall we fill the gap on behalf of those that today and yesterday’s Friends Women have served? How might we start new movements of Friends Women?


Testimony as Foundation for Church Future: Eric Muhr 3:00 THE INCUBATOR Milos
When asked what they believe, Quakers historically have tended to respond by talking about what they do. There is power in these pragmatic stories. What's your story?


Malone University: Chris Abrams 3:30 FISH BOWL Mykonos A
Dr. Chris Abrams, Vice President for Student Affairs, will be able to provide information to help navigate the college choice process as well as provide information about Malone University, an Evangelical Friends University located in Canton, OH.


Following Jesus--The Heart of Faith and Practice: Paul Anderson 3:30 SEMINAR Milos
This seminar presents a radical view of Christian discipleship from a Quaker perspective, addressing such themes as effective evangelism, authentic worship, empowered ministry, incarnational sacramentology, nonviolent peacemaking and being a faithful witness in the world. As early Friends sought to embody "Primitive Christianity Revived," that calling is the same for every generation of believers--whether they be Friends of Jesus or simply his followers.


Missionary Track*
Whole-Life Discipleship, Part I of II: Molly Black and Brad & Chelsea Carpenter 3:30 FISH BOWL Athenia A
What do we mean by whole-life discipleship? Are there examples of this in Scripture?


Tech Habits vs. Norms: doreen dodgen-magee 3:30 FISH BOWL Syros
How have you evolved habits about how you engage technology rather than set norms? How do these habits affect you, your relationships, and your contentment in life?


Sport As Ministry: Bill Galipault 3:30 SEMINAR Mykonos B
How and Why the Church Should Be Utilizing Sport as a Ministry Strategy In this seminar we'll look at why sport can be an ideal place for evangelism/discipleship and look at examples of how the church is harnessing the power of sport for ministry.


Story Groups: Danielle Holstine 3:30 FISH BOWL Vicino Ballroom
Resources to facilitate conversation about the individual story as it relates to God's story throughout the entire Bible. He pursues people, faithfully, and our stories merge with His. The resource unpacks how we can discover- together, in a conversation with thought provoking questions, how to relate our individual calling back to our home church vision.


The Forgotten Quaker Distinctive: Jim Le Shana (also at 4:30) 3:30 SEMINAR Andros
For those who want to connect with our Friends identity and what it really means to be a "Friend.” We need to cultivate a compassion for the lost and take active steps to not only give people food and water, but to share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Israel and Palestine: How Not to Despair: Shawn McConaughey and Katie Comfort 3:30 SEMINAR Athenia B
Wrestle with a Friends perspective of being Friends of Jesus in the Holy Land. Find out how are Friends already at work in these places?


When Your Passion and the Kingdom Collide: Adam Monaghan 3:30 FISH BOWL Delphi A
What happens when your passions and your pursuit of the Kingdom of God collide? What if the very pathway that you are already walking (or running), is a path you could invite others to join beside you, for the sake of discipleship? Come and hear how one weird guy who loves to run has made his hobby into an opportunity for relational ministry. Consider ways in which you can do the same!
(If you want to run with Adam, meet in the Hyatt lobby at 6:45am Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to run 4-7 miles at 9-10 minute/mile pace - cell 316.734.4466)


Missionary Track*
Mission Through Business - What Does It Really Look Like: Michelle Murray 3:30 SEMINAR Rhodes
Business as mission is all the rage, there seems to be a lot of theory out there, come and find out how it really works, from a missionary with 3 years experience running a pizza restaurant and using that business as a platform for being light and salt in the community and sharing the Gospel.


How to Discern the Will of the Holy Spirit: Kathi Perry 3:30 SEMINAR Delphi B
Come and learn a 3 step process that works every time! Oh wait... The good news is that God wants our best, He knows what that is, and He wants us to know it too. Let's talk about that...


Church Outside the Walls: Krissy Buck 4:30 SEMINAR Mykonos A
Popular imagination holds that young adults are leaving the church in droves, and yet they show a deep need for Christ's love. In response, many churches attempt to find ways to attract young people. But what if churches, instead, invested in helping young adults to start new and innovative expressions of church where they already are—in the community, in restaurants, on campuses, coffee shops, gyms? We will explore how you can reach out in authentic and creative ways to your friends in the everyday of life.


The Church is Not an Anglo-American Commodity: David Byrne 4:30 SEMINAR?Rhodes
It is God’s people in the world as His representatives to reach out to a world in need. How can the church reflect the reality of God’s grace to all peoples? How can the American church in particular break free of the barriers that separate us from our calling? In these sessions we will consider the cultural obstacles that limit the church’s mission to the world around us and how the church can fulfil its mission.


Ending the Cycles: Chris Conway 4:30 SEMINAR Syros
Christians make the audacious claim that the Gospel is the only hope for the world. This begs the question, "What can the Gospel do that nothing else can?" We will explore how the Gospel addresses cycles of sin like violence, poverty, hatred, and oppression. And we will learn what we can do to begin to make a difference.


The Discernment Series
Unwrap Your Gifts - Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Formation: Jamie Johnson 4:30 SEMINAR Delphi B
If you are human you have asked this question: Why won't God just tell me what I should do with my life? In this workshop we'll explore our spiritual gifts as a way to live more fully into our calling as disciples of Jesus.


Missionary Track*
A Missionary Journey in Thailand: Ben Kibbe 4:30 SEMINAR Delphi A
I am prepared to share on different aspects of our journey: how the Lord used and continues to use His church to send and equip, how the Lord got us there, what is the Friends' mission in Thailand, and who are the Lahu people.


The Forgotten Quaker Distinctive: Jim Le Shana (also at 3:30) 4:30 SEMINAR Andros
For those who really want to connect with our Friends identity and what it really means to be a "Friend.” We need to cultivate a compassion for the lost and take active steps to not only give people food and water, but to share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The 3 Ring Circus of Adolescence: Dr. Bill Quigley 4:30 SEMINAR Mykonos B
As an Assistant Professor of Youth Ministry at Malone University, Dr. Quigley will share his research and over 30 years of youth ministry experience in a session designed both for students and those who work with students. During this session participants will explore the 3 stages of adolescence and begin to form strategies to help successfully navigate the "3 rings" of adolescence.


Homosexuality and the Church: Loving with Truth and Grace: Duane Litz Jr. 4:30 SEMINAR Milos
A discussion about the local church's interaction with homosexuality. I have traditional views on the subject, meaning I will emphasize God's intended design for human sexuality while holding that active pursuit of homosexual expressions is outside of God's design. At the same time, I want to hold the needed balance between God's truth with His grace. As such, this workshop will be both theological and practical. First, I will give a 15-20 minute explanation about the biblical definition of sexuality, design, love, and desire. Secondly, I will give a 15-20 minute explanation of what I think the Bible suggests for God-honoring interaction with people navigating the storms of homosexual desire. Lastly, I will leave 5-15 minutes for questions and answers with discussion included.


The Bible is People, It's People! Thomas Magee 4:30 SEMINAR Athenia A
A seminar looking at 3 or more of Jesus documented conversations in the Bible with a look at the context, people, and topic. Not to theologize on the content, but to see Jesus and the person he's talking to as real humans with perspectives, emotions, relationships. I want to help people feel the vibrancy of these discussions as they must have looked and felt when they happened.


Missionary Track*
How Do I Know if God is Calling Me… Missionary Panel led by Dan Cammack 4:30 FISH BOWL Athenia B Become a Missionary? Have a conversation with a group of missionaries about how they know God called them to become missionaries.


Quakers and the Bible: Eric Muhr 4:30 FISH BOWL San Remo
Introduction to, Discussion of, and Experimentation with Experiential Reading
If the Bible, inspired by God, is a means of encountering God, then the time we spend in scripture should transform us (not just our minds). Early Quakers read the Bible experientially, using their imagination to both enter scripture and to envision how it might transform their present-day living. We might learn to do the same.


Why Women Can Lead: Kent Walkemeyer 4:30 SEMINAR Vicino Ballroom
Friends have historically recognized and encouraged women in ministry leadership roles. But Christians disagree on the issue. This workshop will help you understand the disagreement, and explain why Friends believe women can serve as leaders in the church.


*Missionary Track is open to everyone, but includes a special invitation to current and future career missionaries and those considering participation in short and long term missions.