What is a mentor-advocate: “Paraclete [greek]…the one who comes alongside to help”

Thanks in advance for being a crucial part of the upcoming Summit 2014 event. We know you’ve been wondering about the role that you will play at the conference. Here’s what we’re hoping...

  • Be available to serve, to learn and to grow.
  • Be encouragers to all of the young adults, and especially to those you are “coming along side”.
  • Be aware that some conversations may come from a very different perspective than yours, and that could be exactly how the Spirit is moving.
  • Be present, even to the point of taking the risk to start new conversations with young adults rather than with adults who like you, we are all there to serve.
  • Be praying – in all of the ways you can – for God to move, speak, lead, call, forgive, show mercy, give wisdom, awaken…beginning with us!

An orientation for all Mentor-Advocates will be held at 8am on December 29th. See Summit Notebook for more information upon arrival.