Let’s do supper, I mean dinner…ok, whatever you call the last meal of the day. Take a risk and make new friends that have a common interest with you by joining a casual non-facilitated group that resonates with you. Dinner Conversation Group tables will be marked by a helium balloon and sign. Feel free to talk about the common interest, or just let it bring you together to talk about anything.

Monday Dinner Conversation Groups:
“Might be Pastor” You are exploring a call to serve the church as a pastor.
“Like To Read Books” You love to read and would like to tell and hear about books recently read.
“Passion for Deep Justice” You can’t escape these justice issues that beckon your concern and response.
“Dinner with Aaron Blanton.” You find music and worship shaping how you serve the church. Sit down with Aaron and talk music, ministry, and life.
Tuesday Dinner Conversation Groups
“Music & Media” You have the gifts and passions to express yourself through writing, music, dance, drama, and/or film. How can/does God use these gifts for His Kingdom? Let’s talk about it.
“Like To Read Books” You love to read and would like to tell and hear about books recently read.
“Dinner with Mingo” If you are curious about urban work, creative outreach ministry, Mingo’s work with Micro-Church concept, or you just want to hang out and chat it up - here is your chance!
Friday Dinner Conversation Groups
“Love Short Term Missions” Some of your favorite life moments have been on short term mission trips. Let’s reminisce about some good old days and what God might be stirring in you today.
“Serving God as a Single Adult” You would enjoy talking life and ministry with other singles over 20.
“Dinner with Jesse and Jason.” Do you like to laugh and be a little awkward? Bring some of your funniest and wildest stories from ministry and life and let’s laugh till we throw up. Ok that’s gross. Till our sides hurt.