The Summit 2014 Schedule is designed with the goal of multiple conversation venues and options around the theme: Kingdom. Mission. Passion. You will have conversations that could change your life…your community…the church! Take a moment to glance over these options so you can plan your Summit hours for the greatest impact!

Worship Gatherings
Our Summit wide worship gathering will be the heartbeat of everything that happens at Summit, spurring lots of conversations. You won’t want to miss worship led by Aaron Blanton, our regional bands and our line-up of speakers.

Seminar Options
Seminars are teaching sessions with our wealth of Summit Resources. Grab a seat in our daily Seminars on the topic that grabs your attention. Listen and learn as these Seminars turn into conversations that could change your life. Be strategic with friends to gain information from multiple topics.

Fish Bowl Options
A Fish Bowl is an interactive discussion - a conversation that could change your life. The facilitator may present some ideas for a few minutes, but then open it up for interaction. Choose a daily Fish Bowl on topics that interest you most. You can speak your mind...or watch and listen.

The Friends Church Incubator
What do you dream? Kingdom. Mission. Passion. What do you dream for the Friends Church? Join church leaders in an incubator session with the opportunity to dream, to speak your mind, or to listen in. We are blessed with opportunities at Summit to shape the future! Conversations that could change your life...your community...the church...THE FRIENDS CHURCH.

Prayer Room with Prayer Stations - Palatine
The Prayer Room will be a station-based worship experience where you are invited to use time and space to listen to God’s Spirit. Through reading, reflection, action, worship and prayer you are welcomed to use solitude to engage God’s Kingdom, Mission and Passion. Directed by Frank Penna.

Meet with Summit Spiritual Director
Sign up for an afternoon individual or group spiritual direction session with a Spiritual Director. Find out what directors are available and sign up at the Barclay Press Bookstore!

According to Fil Anderson of Journey Resources, spiritual direction is “the gift to be sensitive, present and supportive to the spiritual journey of another ... the director not only gives you direction in your spiritual life along each stage of the journey, but also becomes a soul-friend, a companion on the way.” We want you to know that you are not alone on your journey with Jesus. We are here to offer our support as fellow travelers on the way. This is a great opportunity to try meeting with a spiritual director to see if it might be something you want to add to the rhythm of your journey with Christ at home.

Track for Future Missionaries
Evangelical Friends Mission (EFM) as well as several regional missionaries or missions leaders will be present at Summit. Take advantage of this opportunity to take in some conversations that could lead to missions service with Evangelical Friends! You may find that some of the breakouts would be particularly helpful to you, as someone interested in exploring a call to short term or long term missionary service.

Express Yourself Art & Creativity Room – Portofino
Not all of us learn by listening and taking notes. Some of us need to interact with concepts in three dimensional time and space. This room is intended for that purpose. Engage more than just your mind in the Express Yourself Art & Creativity Room. Pound or sculpt some clay, spread some paint, sketch a self portrait with shapes or words, make a collage that expresses what you’re learning and mulling on, write a story, or just sit in silence. There will be plenty of other supplies for bringing out your inner process. This space is chock full of everything you need to ponder and integrate in new ways. Bring a friend or come alone and enjoy some space for expression and exploration.

This space is not only for those who consider themselves “creative” or “artistic.” It is for all of us. It is intended and created to give you a place to play, to explore new textures and experiences, and to let yourself create without engaging the inner (or outer) critic. The goal is not beautiful works of art (they may, however, occur). It is, instead, to give you a place to work with the content of Summit in new and kinesthetic ways. Challenge yourself to create...Challenge yourself to process! Directed by Maddie Hill.

Barclay Press Book Store
Barclay Press bookstore: Shop a unique selection of books selected specifically for Summit. All titles brought to Summit remain available to order online if a particular title sells out (

Summit Coffee House Days
Eddy M’s Café of La Jolla, CA is the featured provider of the Summit Coffee House which will be held in the Vicino Ballroom. The Coffee House is serving coffee, cocoa and tea for your use throughout the day (Dec 29, 30, 31), starting at 10am. Also, board games are available for your use.

Summit Coffee House Nights
Summit desires to create space for conversations that can change your life in our nightly coffee houses. The networks which take place at conferences can open many long term relationships for Kingdom work. It’s important that we celebrate together as one community! The coffee house will bring us together for great times. Be sure to read up on the different coffee house themes each night so you are ready!

Lunch with Your Group
Lunch is on your own and is not included in your registration package. This is a great time to focus conversations towards others from your group!

Dinner Conversation Groups - Page 18
Let’s do supper! Dinner is a wonderful place to have a conversation that could shape your life...even change your life! Take a risk and make new friends that have a common interest with you by joining a casual non-facilitated group that resonates with you. DInner Conversation Group tables will be marked by a helium balloon sign. Talk about the common interest, or just let it bring you together to talk about anything!

Summit Resource Display Booths
Summit is blessed with the overwhelming love and support towards Friends Church young adults by Friends-related ministries and organizations! These resources have come to Summit at their own expense to connect with you and learn from you as they adapt and retool ministries to be the most effective in the next decade. Make time for conversations with these resources over coffee, a meal, or find them by a display booth!