Breakout Sessions Schedule

Breakout Sessions are designed to cultivate a space for conversations to either take place or stir up thoughts for conversation later. Whether in a Workshop, Fishbowl, or the Friends Church Dream Room we hope you’ll listen, speak up, and ask questions that change your life. 

** Detailed descriptions of each breakout session will be in the Conference Booklet

Saturday | December 29 | 3:30 pm

Tim Hawkins | “Hitting on All (Academic) Cylinders: Tips for Improving Academic Success”

Leo Wilson |  “Who Am I? Identity in a Lost World”  

Dan Cammack | “On Mission with Jesus” 

Steve Mann | “The Book of Jonah: How Not to Be a Prophet” 

Leah Newton | “Bible Journaling” 

Katy & Karla Moran | “Welcoming the Stranger: Immigration & Scripture” 

Rick Darden | “Am I Called to Be a Pastor?”  

Cindy Dawson | “Supporting Women Leaders Fish Bowl”

Mia Darden | “The Greatest Weapon Against Stress” 

Saturday | December 29 | 4:30 pm

Paige Showalter | “Living with Abandon/Full Surrender in Christ” 

Don Brown | “What 20-Year-Old Me Wishes I’d Known” 

Brad & Chelsea Carpenter | “A Model of Whole-Life Discipleship”

Manny Garcia | “Autism Spectrum Disorder & The Church Fish Bowl” 

Ed Walsh | “Getting Smart about Money” 

Pat Byers | “Meeting for Worship” 

Jim Le Shana | “A Fresh Multiplication Movement Among Friends?! Fishbowl” 

Matt Smith | “Finding Our Next Steps”  

Kent Walkemeyer | “Why We Need More Women Pastors and Leaders” 

Sunday | December 30 | 3:30 pm

Mary Heathman | “God Invented Sex–Why?”

Leo Wilson | “Conversational Apologetics: Reason for Christian faith and how to share them with others”

Dan Cammack | “A Pathway to Becoming a Missionary” 

Mary Kate Morse | “Holding the Dynamite: Power and the Quaker Way.  A look at Leadership and Influence that Makes Room for Others.” 

Mac and Berny McDonald | “Contextual Ministry” 

Arun Massey | “Heart for Missions in Asia Fish Bowl”

Rev. Dr. Marlene Morrison Pedigo | “SimpleJoy–Lessons from the Lives of Women in the Ministry” 

Chelle Leininger | “Faith: Feelings vs. Facts Fish Bowl” 

Rosalie Hamman | “Equipping Leader Ministries” 

Sunday | December 30 | 4:30 pm

Roger Jones | “Pornography: Is it Really That Big of a Deal?” 

Austin Schmidt | “What On Earth Am I Here For?” 

Molly Black | “Am I Called to Cross-Cultural Ministry?” 

Jake Mulder | “Growing Young & the Importance of Key chain Leadership” 

Roy Lujan | “Cross-Cultural Ministry “You! The Future of Church Integration Fish Bowl” 

Roy Bogan | “Defending our Christ-centered Faith” 

Kimberly Walsh | “Glorify God with your Body Health & Wellness” 

Noah of Quaker Ridge Camp in Colorado, Matt of Twin Rocks Camp in Oregon, Alicia of Camp Quaker Heights in Iowa, and Lindsay of Quaker Hill Camp in Idaho | “Camp Life: Camp Leaders Panel”  

Katie Morse | “Radical Worship: The singing church” 

Monday | December 31 | 3:30 pm

Kent Walkemeyer | “Mustard Seed Leadership: Embracing Unexpected, Upside-Down, Hidden Ministry” 

Leo Wilson | “How to Properly Understand Biblical Laws and What Role the Holy Spirit plays” 

Brad & Chelsea Carpenter | “Speak, Lord for Your Servant is Listening” 

Cindy Dawson | “Steps to Biblical Interpretation” 

Brockie Follette and Katy Moran | “Kaleo Academy” 

Evelyn Portillo | “Hispanic Young Adult Fish Bowl”

Rick Darden | “Preparing the Best Version of Me For Ministry” 

Jesse Penna | “Interested in Youth Ministry? Fish Bowl” 

Joy & Antonio Lujan | “How Church Planting Helps Fight Human Trafficking” 

Monday | December 31 | 4:30 pm

Rachel Tarver | “Walking with Your Grief” 

Nick Mayer | “Beauty in the Wreckage” 

David Thomas | “Make Disciples of All Nations” 

Jim Le Shana | “Friends History Then & Now” Who Are We?  How Did We Get Here?  What’s Going on today, and Where Are We Going?!?”

Katie  Newton | “Desiring a Life of Authenticity Fish Bowl” 

Dr. Bill Galipault | “Does God Care About My Sport? Fishbowl” 

Julie Kinser | “What Friends Women Can Do For You” 

Chelle Leininger | “Trauma Informed Youth Ministry”  

Joshua Bunce | “Humility as the Entry Point Into the Kingdom”