We are so glad you are coming to Summit 2014! We look forward to welcoming you to Hyatt Regency La Jolla in La Jolla, California! Many across North America are praying for all 417 of you; as we invite you to explore the themes around Kingdom, Mission and Passion through conversations that could change your life…your community…the church!

You can begin planning for your Summit Schedule rhythm by checking the schedule at friendssummit.com. The schedule of afternoon breakout options will be posted online during the next few days. Conversation options at Summit 2014 includes Seminars, Fish Bowls, The Incubator, Track for Future Missionaries, The Discernment Series, The Express Yourself Art Room and The Summit Prayer Room in addition to optional Dinner Conversation Groups later at dinner.

Do you need a ride from the airport to the hotel? If you have not arranged for airport transfers (a ride from the airport or back to the airport), and you would like our help, please immediately contact Rosalie Hamman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Did you receive the Group Text Messages with information about Summit 2014 a few days ago? This will be the quickest way to get the word about about news and schedule updates or changes or special opportunities before and during the conference. If you didn’t receive the texts and want to sign up please send your cell phone number to Adam Monaghan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ASAP! You can also turn it in during registration on December 28th.

Pack for the Summit Coffee House themes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. See each night’s unique theme details within the online coffee house schedule.

Don’t forget:

  • Bring your Bible
  • Bring your registration package balance owed. Please check-in at the Summit Desk upon arrival between 2 and 4:30pm and pay any balances with a check written to EFC-NA (no cash please and credit cards not accepted on-site). Find out exactly what your balance owed is with your log-in at friendssummit.com, or ask your group leader, or contact Janet in our office during office hours (316.267.0391 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  • Bring your cell phone to participate in the Social Media Wall. Twitter: @FriendsSummit. Instagram: FriendsSummit. Facebook: Facebook.com/FriendsSummit2014
  • Upon check-in you will have the option of receiving conference reminders and announcements by text message. If you have already submitted your cell phone number as you registered online or via email you don’t need to do anything more to be signed up, just watch your phone for updates.
  • Please review the Community Covenant. Your arrival to Summit will signal to us that you are indeed happy to enter that covenant in community!
  • Bring cash for items not included in your registration package (click here for reminder of what is included)
    • Travel meals not included
    • Lunches are not provided.
    • Buy a book at the Barclay Press Book Store on-site at Summit.
    • Leave an extra tip to bless the resort (normal gratuities included in your registration package).

Mentor-Advocates: Thanks in advance for being a crucial part of the upcoming Summit 2014 event. We know you’ve been wondering about the role that you will play at the conference. Here’s what we’re hoping...

  • Be available to serve, to learn and to grow.
  • Be encouragers to all of the young adults, and especially to those you are “coming along side”.
  • Be aware that some conversations may come from a very different perspective than yours, and that could be exactly how the Spirit is moving.
  • Be present, even to the point of taking the risk to start new conversations with young adults rather than with adults who like you, we are all there to serve.
  • Be praying – in all of the ways you can – for God to move, speak, lead, call, forgive, show mercy, give wisdom, awaken…beginning with us!

An orientation for all Mentor-Advocates will be held at 8am on December 29th. See Summit Notebook for more information upon arrival.

Group Leaders: All of this note is online under get ready. We know your group doesn’t read e-mail so would you please point them to that web page!

We sure are excited to see you at Summit! You are key to guiding your group through “conversations that could change your group!” Your spiritual leadership and example throughout summit is so crucial. You will set the pace. Please fully engage. Please create balance in how your time is used during afternoon options. Furthermore, you should feel free to gather your group at any time for any reason during Summit; evening dinners are a great time. You are responsible for your group’s actions at Summit.

  • Please bring your group to the resort after 2pm and before 4:30pm for registration check-in on the 28th.
  • When you arrive, don’t unload your luggage until after you have checked your group in and learned your room location.
  • It would speed up your check-in if you collect payments from your group but keep track of who is paying you how much!
  • Don’t forget to plan for evening meal logistics – here are some restaurant options but the summit book will also have great instructions to nearby eating options.

Prayer Movement. Young Adults and all ages are invited to join The Prayer Movement. By signing up at The Prayer Movement here you can join EFC young adults and you will receive specific prayer notes catered to Friends young adults via social media. See you soon!

Music and Worship. We are excited about our morning worship sessions led by our EFC-NA young adults! Since each morning session will be led by different groups, we wanted to provide a playlist of all the songs for the morning sessions:

-Adam Monaghan for the Summit 2014 Planning Team