Summit Testimonies – Northwest Yearly Meeting

“Before I went to Summit I was going through my daily routine, just waiting for school to get out. I had no motivation to do more than go through the motions and just get high school over with.

Summit helped me regain confidence and gave me a renewed desire to be transformed by God. I went home with more desire than ever before to reach out to the students at Newberg High School. God has been teaching me the importance of noticing and paying attention to people outside my circle of friends, and this was greatly enforced at Summit.”
Grace Anderson, student, Newberg High School

“When talking with a friend soon after returning, I found a metaphor that felt right: being at Summit was like suddenly recovering from a lingering stuffy nose that I didn’t know I had. If I were to pick one word to describe Summit 2018 it would be encouraging.

In light of the recent turmoil of the NWYM, I came to Summit with many questions and left with renewed sense of hope that God is still working through the Friends locally and nationally. He is calling us together, as kingdom disciples, to work in the fields of reconciliation. There is so much to be done, and I can’t wait to jump in alongside old and new friends!”
Samuel Swan, Intern, Twin Rocks Friends Camp

“I find deep joy in being in community with believers who are like me. That is what I found at Friends Summit. Getting to meet people from all over the globe who praise the same God that I do is an encouraging experience.

One of the best moments I had was from one of the speakers. He posed three main questions in his message. They read: ‘what is God doing around you?’ ‘what is God doing in you?’ and ‘what is God doing through you?’ God chose little old me to spread His word. It is amazing to know we are all a piece of God’s love. So, I ask myself, how am I spreading the love of God to others in my life, and am I receptive to the love of God in others?

These are three questions that truly impacted me from my time at Friends Summit. I am grateful and encouraged by what I have seen and by what I know the future holds.”
Joseph Harrison, Student, George Fox University

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