Moving to Colorado Springs

Greetings to you as a fellow friend and brother in Christ, and fellow participant in the upcoming Friends Summit 2018!


We have you registered for Friends Summit 2018!  So glad you are coming!  We need you to know that this event has moved!  We will not be meeting in Denver as was planned and contracted.  Rather we will be meeting at Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs.  PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE EMAIL. 


The summit planning team knows of this change and has been working together to finalize Friends Summit 2018 and will be in communication with you as a region/yearly meeting, local church or resource person as needed to make sure you are aware of this important announcement.  If you aren’t aware of who your planning team point person is, please see the official list of the summit planning team:


Jesse Penna, EFC-MAYM
Micah Darden, EFC-SW
Jason Morones, EFC-SW
John Grafton, EFC-ER
Joy Lujan, NWYM
Jacob Newton, NWYM
Chris Stanfield, RMYM
Matt Macy, EFM
Brockie Follette, Kaleo Academy
Katy Moran, Kaleo Academy



This has come as quite a surprise to all of us.  Just in the past 3 weeks, we have discovered some serious contractual misunderstandings with the management of Marriott Denver.  We have been working hard at solving these misunderstanding, only to discover just in the past few days, that the most appropriate way to avoid jeopardizing a great Summit experience, was to cancel our plans for this hotel.  But we are praising the Lord for how He has provided for Friends Summit 2018!  We called a few hotels in the area last week, and found Cheyenne Mountain Resort happy to accommodate us at the same rates, same conference space requirements, and even better accommodations!


For those of you who are flying into Denver

Please contact me at by or before Thursday, December 20 or ASAP, if you need help with any logistics.  We don’t take this change lightly in how it impacts you and we want to work with you so that you have a great experience.  We would like to help you with any needs you may have due to this change in location.

  • Travel from Denver International Airport, to Cheyenne Mountain Resort.  And back!  It’s exactly 90 miles from DIA to the Cheyenne Mountain Resort.
  • Travel for ‘Lunch on your own’ plans
  • Any pre or post conference hotel accommodation reservations or plans


Thanks in advance for your gracious understanding, for working with us patiently to sort out whatever needs you have due to this adjustment, and for your flexibility in how this impacts your expectations and experience.


Please provide for me

  1. The name of the main contact in your group.
  2. The main contact’s cell phone number.
  3. How many are in your group.
  4. Your group’s flight itinerary.


For those of you who are driving to Summit 2018.  

Please contact me at by or before Thursday, December 20 or ASAP if you have extra seats in your vehicle. 

It will take “all hands on deck” to make sure we can efficiently and safely provide all transportation needs and so we are looking for adults who can help with transportation beyond your own group.  We are also working with local Friends Church persons in RMYM and will start there, but would like to have a list of potential free space in the vehicles that will already plan to have at Friends Summit 2018.


Please provide for me:

  1. Your name
  2. Your cell phone number
  3. How many seats you could make available
  4. Any other relevant details about luggage space, your availability to make an extra trip if needed to get everyone transported, your expected arrival time to the area, how flexible you may or may not be, etc


We will send more regular conference information soon, as we all prepare to arrive to Cheyenne Mountain resort ready for a great experience.  We are excited about being together soon!  We are praying for “conversations that could change your life” as we corporately “Empower a leader, change your church, fuel a movement”


On behalf of the Summit 2018 Planning Team,

Jesse Penna – Planning Team Facilitator

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