Be a part of The Kingdom of God by Scott Biddle

When I think of Summit, I think of collaboration, Kingdom chasers and changers, leaders, mentoring and the here and now of the Friends Movement.

We live in a time that the world is getting smaller, social media and news coverage give us a contact far beyond what we can ever imagine. The hard part is that we end up living almost in a bubble of “things that are out there” but that we will never experience. Summit gives us an opportunity to see, experience and be exposed to things that God is doing in real peoples lives, not just short video-clips of people we don’t know but we want to do.

Summit is an opportunity to open the realms of how we can take who God has created us to be, think outside the box of the environment we are used to, and see something bigger, other people we can connect with and do ministry with, leaders that have been down the road as well as dream in ways that we never thought possible.God is giving visions and dreams to teens and young adults and I, as well as other leaders, want to be able to help explore what those are and figure out how do we make them become reality. It is a chance to push past the norms, and be part of something much bigger, The Kingdom of God, in a way that we cannot even imagine.

Summit is a chance for the “more mature” to be intentional in their investing in todays generations. It is designed to help be a catalyst for continuing growth, listening and discipling. We all need people in our lives to help with accountability and pushing us to the next level. We need people to believe in who we are and who God created us to be. This is an event that helps to capitalize on that and train both sides of this. Our “more mature” needs some help and investment in how to be better and mentoring, and our “now generations” need to have people they can rely on and be known by.

I am excited to watch The Kingdom expand and grow, not because of an event, but because of the leaders that will continue to hear the voice of God and grow and have a fire that burns deep inside of them that God will place there, with others surrounding them and encouraging them to do what God has called them to do.

Scott Biddle
A water walker, searching for fellow water walkers

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