Summit is a Game Changer by Nick Mayer


My name is Nick Mayer, and I am the Youth and Young Adult Pastor at Cornerstone Friends Church in Madison, Ohio. I’ve been working with the youth and young adults at Cornerstone since 2014. Enough about me though, how about we talk about Friends Summit!

My first and only attendance to Friends Summit was in 2014. In the words of Andy Bernard from The Office, ‘super duper honesty time’ I did not really know what to think about Summit. When our group first arrived to the hotel where we were staying at it was packed. I’m not a big crowd person so when I saw this I was a bit turned off. That soon changed though.

Friends Summit 2018, not to get too cliché, is a gamechanger. As young adults, many of us are in this phase where we are not quite sure what our future holds. I was in that place back in 2014. I was not sure if I was really feeling called to ministry. I was not sure if I really had a place in the Church. This is where Summit came into play.

Worship. Worship at Sunday morning church is great. I am telling you though, worship time at Summit with a room filled with young adults, who all are relatively in the same area of life mentioned above, is beautiful beyond measure. If there was ever a time where the Presence was felt, it is during worship. Speakers. Dynamic, relatable, and thought-provoking. Each speaker brought a different element, a different piece of Scripture, a different meaning and gave it life. If there is ever a time to bring a notebook and pencil, this is it.

Classes/Discussion Groups. This part of Summit I really appreciated. There are these breakout sessions between speakers that give the young adults time to be in small groups. I remember listening to different perspectives and learning more about different Friends churches. Also, there is a class for everyone!

Relationships. Out of everything that happened at Summit, the relationships that grew and were made was by far the most important part of the conference. The group I attended Summit with got much, much closer. From worship, speakers, small groups, and eating food we always had something to talk about. It was fun, challenging, and well needed! Along with that, our group became friends with a group from Salem Friends. The relationship has grown to a point where we keep in touch and look for ways to get together!

There is nothing I would change about my 2014 attendance to Summit. It was truly amazing. All of it. My past experiences has me excited to see what 2018 brings. I’m looking forward to seeing what gets put together from their meetings with each region! If you are up in the air about going take a leap.
You will not regret it.

See you there. Come say hi.


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