Questions & Conversations by Josiah Brown

Hello there! My name is Josiah Brown, and I am a two-time Friends Summit attendee who is pumped about this year’s conference. I’ve now been a part of the Friends Church in three different states: I grew up in a Friends Church in Oklahoma, went to college at Friends University in Kansas, and am now working at a Friends Church in Texas. Probably just like yourself, I love the Friends Church, and I care deeply about our direction as we move into uncharted territory.

At Friends Summit 2018, we’ll be having conversations around questions that get to the heartbeat of the Church, and might just help guide us into that uncharted territory. These conversations are designed to equip and inspire us, so that we can “lead the charge” back home in our local contexts. The website you’re currently on ( has some great information about what you can expect from Summit, and lists a few of the questions you will likely encounter, such as…

How do we become people who can lead Friends into a future filled with dangerous opportunity?

How do we discern what God might do through us in the local church, in our communities, and throughout the world, for God’s Kingdom?

What might happen if young adults with a vision had partners, support, and resources from existing Friends ministries?

If you care deeply about the Friends Church as an outpost of God’s Kingdom, please don’t miss Friends Summit 2018! I believe that we really are “better together,” and that God’s Kingdom works its way into our lives and our communities when we find time to be together, ask good questions, and listen to what one another, and God’s Spirit, have to say to us. I sincerely hope that you and I will have one of these kinds of conversations. May Friends Summit 2018 be a catalyst for conversations that change us, our churches, our communities, and our world.

See you there!
Josiah Brown

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