How We Do by Jesse Davis

Hey Friends!

My name is Jesse Davis and I have had the pleasure of attending Friends Summit in 2010 and 2014. The 2010 session in Colorado was a major part of my decision to attend Azusa Pacific Seminary through the Friends Center there and the 2014 session gave me an introduction to the Northwest Yearly Meeting Friends that I would be working with and serving alongside as I transitioned from Seminary to Ministry at Medford Friends Church in Oregon.

During both Summit sessions I was blessed by the time we had to worship together and learn about the Friends expressions of the different Yearly Meetings represented. I got to learn about our faith family and enjoyed conversations that stretched and grew my understanding of what it means to follow Jesus as a member of the Friends denomination. The workshops and times of fellowship only reinforced this learning for me.

Seeing the many expressions of how we do this life with Jesus in our individual communities was wonderful, but seeing how we do life with Jesus as a movement together was so much more powerful. To know that we can come together in various worship and workshop experiences to learn and grow together is an amazing gift. My hope for this year’s session is that we would continue to learn how we do life with Jesus and grow together in our love for Him and one another.


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