Welcome to Friends Summit 2023!

Conversations that could change your life!
December 28, 2023-January 1, 2024 |  Houston, TX | EFC-NA
Hyatt Regency Houston West
13210 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77079

Countdown to Summit 2023


  • THIS IS AN INVITATION TO YOU AND YOUR CHURCH! What if a group of spiritual leaders in your church partnered with youth or young adult leaders and took the following steps? The elders board? A small group of discerning lay church leaders? People beyond typical youth and young adult leaders who could help significantly represent the local church at large?
  • Prayerfully select mentor-advocate(s) to walk alongside young adults from your church at Summit.
  • Prayerfully decide an amount to allocate towards scholarships for young adults to help with registration and travel costs. What if church leaders opened their own wallets to send future leaders?
  • Prayerfully look at who Summit is for and consider who you should invite. Your invitation and affirmation may be the most powerful conversation in this process. Don’t miss this opportunity to say four words that most of us never forget: I SEE IN YOU…!
  •  Invite selected young adults to attend Summit, helping them register and begin making travel plans.

    (Summit asks your church to send one mentor-advocate for every 2 or 3 young adults) They have a mutually positive relationship with young adults. They are coming from and returning with young adult/s to the same local church/area. A “weighty Friend” who is a spiritual leader. Interested in innovation, a good listener, likes to engage to help process. Might already be working closely with young adults, or possibly it would be even more powerful if they were an influential person in the church who doesn’t specifically serve with youth or young adult ministries but could be an effective bridge or voice between young adults and the greater Body.


Summit 2023 Registration costs

Complete and submit ONLINE REGISTRATION form by November 1 to avoid late fee.
*Please start a new registration form for each person.


4 in a room (2 double beds) : $369/person
3 in a room (2 double beds) : $399/person
2 in a room (2 double beds) : $459/person
2 in a room (1 king bed) : $459/person
1 in a room (1 king bed) : $645/person
Commuter (sleeping off-site) : $280/person

About Friends Summit

Summit 2023 is all about the movement. The movement among young adult Friends. The church movement. The Kingdom. Summit is a national conference for young adults to experience how the reality of God’s kingdom is calling the Friends Church in mission and engaging us with passion. Kingdom. Mission. Passion.

Summit is a conference that is designed around conversations that will celebrate and fuel the movement; from engaging worship sessions to quiet moments of prayer, from teaching to discussion groups, from Coffee House themes to simple moments with a friend. Our stories provoke the conversation. Conversations that capture the imagination. Conversations that draw out our passion for the mission of the Kingdom. Summit will host conversations that shape the church. Conversations that could change your life!

Who is Summit for:
Young Adults ages 16-25 who:

•Are emerging leaders who desire to follow Jesus and want to see His redeeming Kingdom on Earth

•Wish to take the next steps to grow in the way they serve and lead within the church and community

•Are willing to imagine with others what the Friends Church could become for future generations

What each participant can expect at Summit:

•To be equipped with a growing understanding of spiritual leadership and how it works in the life of a Friends leader. How do we become people who can lead Friends into a future filled with dangerous opportunity?

•An environment that gives freedom to dream for the kingdom and church, and practice discerning next steps.

How do we discern what God might do through us in the local church, in our communities, and throughout the world, for God’s Kingdom?

•An inter-generational relationship with leaders, ministries, and resources connected to the Friends Movement.

What might happen if young adults with a vision had partners, support, and resources from existing Friends ministries?


Summit Testimonies – Friendswood, TX

We love hearing about how Friends Summit 2018 impacted the lives of those who attended. Here is a little blog post from Friendswood Friends Church in Texas that has four of their young adults sharing about how God spoke to them at Friends Summit 2018. FRIENDS 2018 SUMMIT BLOG


Summit 2023 Office
2018 Maple
Wichita, KS 67213

316 267 0391

You can also contact us online through Facebook or Twitter.


Summit Planning Team
Jesse Penna, EFC-MAYM
Kristina Davenport, EFC-MAYM
Dave Mercadante, EFC-ER
Jacob Newton, NWYM
Isaac Wright, RMYM
Matt Macy, EFM
Brockie Follette, Kaleo Academy
Katy Moran, Kaleo Academy
Chase Barnhardt, Friends Southwest